About us?

We are a Mexican family business which was born in the late 90’s in the state of Michoacán dedicated to the cultivation of Hass avocado.

In 2005 we made the decision to grow in plantations and for this we carried out our expansion project by cultivating a large area of land in the Sierra de San Gabriel in southern Jalisco, being one of the first plantations in the area.

With 20 years of experience we began to see the importance of organic products for health, for the well-being of our family, workers and avocado consumers, which is why it began with the transformation of the total production of our conventional farms to 100% organic.

Today, in 2021, we are the main producer and exporter of organic avocado in Jalisco, with more than 150 organic hectares in production and Europe being our largest market.


Social responsibility

Commitment to the environment.






More than 20 years


The project begins planting our first hectares of Hass avocado in the state of Michoacán.


After 3 years, shortly before our first harvest in Jalisco, the Aguacates Azteca family society was founded, and it is named in honor of our ancestors who left us as their heritage a crop that has transcended borders.


We became exporters and the same year we managed to be the # 1 exporter from Mexico to Europe in ORGANIC Avocado in 2020.


Ten years later we made the decision to expand in the cultivation and Jalisco was a good location for our project, so we left Michoacán and started in the south of Jalisco, thus being able to plant a large extension of hectares in the same lot.


Having already 15 years of experience in the cultivation of avocado, we made the decision to stop applying chemicals to the crop in order to take care of the health of our family, our workers and our consumers, helping to preserve, respect and care for the environment. environment.


Currently Aguacates Azteca has more than 150 hectares in organic production, always taking care that all our processes are aligned to the standards of each of the certifying bodies of which we are part, so we guarantee that the production is of the highest quality.


We focus on producing organic avocado with export quality, for this reason we have certifications that guarantee us in national and international markets.